Stay dope

I know it’s so weird that I take my own pictures and my phone is always showing up most of the time but it’s cool though I like it; just shows a sense… Continue reading

Being ‘ME’

…Sometimes when I’m feeling sad or just bored, there is only one of a few things things that I love to do – dressing up, make up and take pictures. It’s funny because… Continue reading

Wise Words

A wise man (my dad) said enjoy your life but always know when to stop from doing things that you will end up regretting for the rest of your life & always leave… Continue reading

All black with Red hair

At some point I used to have red hair, I’m always changing my hair colour but I find I retesting because it was my first hair colour change to red but mostly I… Continue reading

Little blue dress

Hi everyone! First time wearing something in the colour blue! I actually fell in love with the colour and it’s also quite summery as well. Personally I think the blue itself brings out… Continue reading

And then there was the Beginning….

Hi everyone! Finally I have made my own blog, always been admiring and adoring other people’s blogs but never thought I would be able to sit down & create my own. I’m actually… Continue reading