Ice & Blue

Hi Everyone, It’s about making a statement these days and having people remember you for what you were wearing or just the person you are. Making a statement is not really one of… Continue reading

Chilled Day

Summer around the corner, excited for the sunshine but seems like the heat is on another level but us humans we never satisfied about what we really want especially with the weather. With… Continue reading

Spoken Word

Great minds creation. Taste the sweet ‘n’ sour! “There something about this Taste that I Like But despite of the Sweetness it is the same Taste that make me feel Despise But if… Continue reading

Different Looks

Summer Approaching! Just a bit of mix and match of what to expect this summer. Finally summer in England is just coming and going hmm. The best exciting season of the year were… Continue reading

Be Bold

“What makes you different makes you stand out of the crowd and just being seeing as you.” A lot of people always tell how they can’t keep up with the colour changes that… Continue reading

Tribal Beauty

When you think of tribes some people’s imagination just goes out of control and most are likely to think the negative of tribes. African tribes or any other tribes have that special ability… Continue reading

Risk Taking

Hey everyone sorry been away for a while but I just thought I would share you something that I experience lately. You how people say if you really want something you should be… Continue reading

Africa Fashion Week

August the 1st until the 3rd, it’s all Africa Fashion Week in London. What intrigues me the most is how African Designers are taking the world by storm slowly and their amazing designs… Continue reading

Natural Colours

Simplicity is a silent key note that defines beauty in the simplest form as possible. Natural colours makes it really easy to bring out your natural beauty and you don’t really have to… Continue reading

Colour change

…People always talk about how they can never keep up with me because I’m always changing my hair colour and I truly understand why but I just can’t help it. So I was… Continue reading