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Hybrd is an innovative cosmetics brand specialising in beauty products for makeup, skin, hair and body. Hybrd have over 50 different shades of mineral foundation make up from porcelain, medium to Ebony colours. With an array of shades that match different skin tones. Hybrd’s products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that are designed to leave you moisturised, hydrated, clean, and clear and with a flawless look. Hybrd’s four attractive elements in Hair, Beauty, Skincare and Business, sets the benchmark of a new wave of products taking over the hair and beauty industry. In this edition of Effuse Hybrd’s Beauty Team share with us what it takes to achieve great looking eyebrows. 

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I’m sure you are all aware of the hashtag going around lately for sexy shaped eyebrows Eyebrows on Fleek which is eyebrows looking groomed, highlighted and filled in with a defined shape. Sometimes eyebrows can be our worst nightmare..Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows can be a pain! Especially when trying not compromise on a natural appearance. A lot of people know the eyebrow look they want but don’t know how to achieve it. What is it that you want to accomplish when shaping your brows? What kind of eyebrows do you have currently? A pencil thin look? Natural defined brows? Highlighted and enhanced? Or an overgrown untouched look? With all these questions it’s no wonder some eyebrows can look more surprising, rather than complimentary! The shape of your eyebrows can really enhance the shape of your face and your eyes. Having the best shape can heighten your make up look, as well as your overall appearance. So below here are EyebrowsOnFleek 101:   

Tweezer Maintenance The eyebrow consists of three points the arch, length, and thickness of the eyebrow, so if you find the eyebrow hairs hard to grip with your tweezers, I think it’s time to buy a new one! One important tip with eyebrows is to make sure there clean after each use. Wipe them down and keep them separate from all your make up products.

Don’t Over Do It Over Plucked, over Waxed and even over Threaded eyebrows tend to make your brows over time, look uneven. It’s essential that you give your brows time to grow. Full eyebrows are gracing the catwalks and magazine covers across the world so thin is out and fuller and natural eyebrows are in! If you have thin eyebrows try and avoid plucking and visiting your eyebrow bar too often. Let them grow them out it may take a while…but it will be worthwhile!

Eyebrows Arch Point Find your natural arch by looking for your eyebrow’s highest point, sometimes both of your eyebrows may not naturally be the same shape. Visit an eyebrow bar or a waxing/ threading professional to get both your eyebrows matching with the same arch point.

Sleek & Groomed Eyebrows Just because you’ve reached your desired shape, doesn’t mean it has to stop there! After creating your desired shape you’ll want to take it a step further and have a natural polished look. Use your Eyebrow brush, even use some eyebrow wax or clear mascara to set and comb to tame any stray hairs and get your eyebrows in tip top shape.

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Time to Fill in choosing the right product and shade, for your eyebrows, can be a tedious task but finding the right Eyebrow Product can make your eyes pop and enhance your look. However you don’t want your brows to be too dark or extremely light as you want it to naturally match your hair line and skin tone. You want your eyebrows to look complimentary not intense or harsh. Quick tip is to shade your eyebrows slightly lighter than your natural brow colour so as you blend in it’ll match with the hairs. Using our Hybrd Eyebrow Powder you can achieve different looks by applying a small amount of the eyebrow powder dry for a natural filled in look, or you can mix in with a little bit of water or your Hybrd Moisturiser for a creamy consistency to set your eyebrows in place with sharper definition. Hybrd Eyebrow powder is highly recommended because of its versatility and different ways of applying the product and the finished look.

hybrd 4Highlight! & Shine Start with using Hybrd Mineral Veil over your eyelids and underneath your eyebrows and top of your eyebrow work the powder into the skin. Choose a highlighter or our Hybrd satin eye shadows, for example taking a shade such as Hybrd’s eye shadow colour glow and use circular motions to work into the crease, under the brow for a highlighted natural look.

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