Love vs Money

Love is rare to find these days and you notice that love will not exist where non materialistic stuff are no where to be found. Are we getting blinded by the love of money more than the love of the person you want to be with.

Our generation now has high percentage of successful young people and the more successful you the more the attention you get. But is it the right attention? We find ourselves falling into the trap of materialistic possessions of the person but not actually taking the time to get to know the person or even given yourself a chance to have feelings for them but instead once you smell that sweetness of richies around me no matter who they are, dayuum you are already falling for them.

Would you rather be with someone for the love or the money? Most will hide behind the love part but honestly they know they just want the profits and benefits more than actually loving the person. When you love someone you give them all your trust, respect, LOVE a and being submissive to them especially women. The more you love someone no matter what they have or who they might be; the much more greater you are able to build your own empire together and have our liquidation. Bishop Climate (The Kingdom Church) once preached about how you shouldn’t marry someone because of the way they look or what they have because a few years down the line the beauty will fade away, the six pack will fade and the worst part the money will even go as well. So what would be your point of marrying or loving that person if never did. Love or marry someone because you see beyond what they have or what they look like because at the end of the day there isn’t anything that’s stronger than love.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife might be loaded with so much money, beauty and everything but did you get with them because of how much you loved them or because of what they have. Storms of life will come and when storms of life come are you able to have your love keep you together or when the storms of life comes and everything gone that would be you as well packing your bags to find someone with a better life.

Take your time to get yourself in that position of understanding why you want to be with that person. Ofcos everyone is different and people want different things but there isn’t nothing more important that TRUE LOVE and with true love you can survive the storms of life together even if you lose everything you will build it up together. Be wise and know your true value of love.

The more you love truly the more you receive much better riches.