Mother’s Day

Mother’s Are Angels

There is no precious love like the one from the mother. Your love is truly a blessing to all those who appreciate it. Beyond it all you are a pillar that stands strong through the bad times and the good times. You never show that you are worried but you always have a smile on your face to brighten the day. Besides the ups and downs, your love conquers all. Not only do you motivate the blessings from your womb but you give us a reason to understand what life is all about and how things can become better. In deed you have gone through the windy days, the stormy days and the bright days but you never gave up on hope.

We almost lost you, but you fought through and God blessed you with a better life. Yes you have been through the worst and your strong heart and the person you are you always keep fighting through it for the better. As a mother single or taken your passion, love and care doesn’t depend on what your status says. Everyday I thank God to see you alive and breathing each day, you are special. God blessed us with a mother like you and only you. Every mother is unique and with a difference but it’s your difference that surpasses all and making your the best mum you are. A mother is an angel sent from heaven to birth, protect, love and care for their children. Life might be hard or easy but you as a mother you create a great multitude of love that provides everything that we need.

I love my mother, she is beautiful, brave, courageous and the strong pillar that gives me strength to strive for better.20140330-181757.jpg

Happy Mothers Day! Xo.