A Dedication To Love

Love is beautiful once it blossom and love between two people really brings out the best of two. Learning to love someone can be the best experience but also can be result in the worst. When you meet someone you move on towards expressing your feeling for each other, reasons why you like each other and how you see the future with each other but as time moves on most of these words become just like fairly tale and the value of them lost. It only takes a few minutes to like someone and takes a few days to fall for that person and finding it difficult to resist not talking to them. In most situations some people act as if they don’t care about what the other person thinks or feel about but this comes across as a way of trying to find out if that person truly likes them.

With our generation love is rare but it’s more about having fun more than being with one person and learning to be with them. Love represents a total devotion of one persons heart, soul and body to another but why is this hard to do this, is it us who are doing it or are we going  for the wrong people. The unconditional love is not based on unconditional compromise and dedication and by making a choice relationships last long because two people are brave and willing to keep it, fight for it in order to make it work.

“One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked with anyone else” This quote raises questions, the reason some of us are always hoping that the next person would be better that the other one but there are always rare chances which is why some people are willing to stay in relationships hoping that the next day will be better. The truth is you can’t change a man’s thoughts but only God can. It’s pointless to be pretending for a better when you are not happy and living in lies, if you are not happy don’t force love upon when there isn’t any love and happiness for you. Truly one day you will find someone who can make you understand the true meaning of what love is.

Expressing love results in good deeds but love without action leads to unfulfilled best potential. Without love there is always a missing link in your life and love runs deep and true giving you the pleasure like no other. Love surpasses all. Despite the complications that love comes with but when love is exercised between two people they will always be there to support each other even through the worst times.

“Love, the strong feeling of affection that brought us to where we are. Love is the fondness that brings us together. Not experienced real love, she yearns to get the true understanding of what it feels like. Yes, she is a lover but a lover with no one to share it with doesn’t complete the whole anticipation of love. Treat her bad but she still loves because that’s who she is. Her love is rare but don’t miss use it. All she wants is her own beautiful love story and aware of the consequences she is a risk taker filled with passion of real love. Let’s take control, take on an adventure experiencing new life possibilities and let our love blossom. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” –Editor

Love is amazing once you find someone you do love and that feeling of not turning back experiencing the most genuine happiness you will ever have, yet not infected by materialistic objects or those in your surroundings. Love makes you feel you have everything it humbles you and brings out the best version of you and the attractiveness of two individuals in love. Love conquers all!

Don’t be desperate for love but let the formula of love flow even if it comes from those you least expect, just don’t take it for granted because it’s the rarest and precious feeling to hold. Love is precious but don’t abuse it.

I have found the one whom my soul love – Song of Solomon 3:4