Valentine’s Day Special


Valentine’s Day is believed by some to be the loneliest day of the year for singles but some don’t believe this to true. It is a day where people spend it with their loved ones and embracing the love that they share. Some say Valentine’s Day is too commercialized and not many really ring the importance of it any more. You don’t really have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day but you can always show love to those you cherish the most including your family and friends. On this special day, remember it only comes once every year but just do your best and enjoy the romance and the sweet blissful love under the sun and the moon.

Mostly some say the single people are the most happiest as compared to those who are in a relationship but personally it all depends with what makes you happy and which position you would rather find yourself in and also what bring you joy. Being single doesn’t mean you are lonely but it means you are happy with who you are and not ready to commit yourself into a relationship that you not ready for. A big but most single people want to be in a relationship but they just can’t find that person to be with.

This Valentine’s Day take a risk and make the best of your day!

Singles use this day as a way to celebrate your independence as who you are and spend the day loving yourself, pampering and treating yourself. Make someone’s face light up with your kindness and generosity. No need to suffer this coming Valentine’s Day but instead challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before.

  • Watch your favorite movie with your celebrity crush
  • Find something new to love
  • Send yourself flowers. Flowers are beautiful even though it sound cheesy but just be happy to spend money on yourself

The most amazing part is taking charge; you might have been eyeing someone or engaging in some heavy flirtation with someone, MAKE THE MOVE. If you are scared to do it in person don’t hesitate to send a text, snap chat, Direct Message on Twitter or Facebook and voice mail. The ball is in your hands, so instead of depressing yourself, just enjoy the day because tomorrow is just another day and don’t pressure yourself.

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days for couples as the burning love that two people share will be celebrated in exquisite ways but some people don’t even celebrate this day which is quite sad. On this special day surprise your husband, wife or boyfriend and girlfriend or even fiancé, indulge them to something special and remind them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Love is love and we love because loved us but its love when it’s portrayed to its full potential and truly fulfilled. Love is beautiful but what matters is keeping it alive and burning with greatness. It’s always beautiful to so something simple and romantic and unexpected romantic love sentiments, having fun and enjoying yourselves. Plan something in advance and do something that will place you in the path of having your mind-sets on something rosy and blissful.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and celebrating love but it’s always great to look back snuggle up in a blanket watch a movie and eat some chocolates to make yourself better (applies for the singles mostly). Tomorrow is another day so don’t forget to keep embracing love and don’t just do it for one day.

Celebrate love and embrace it, don’t let sadness and loneliness put you down but be happy and enjoy the life that God has blessed with.