Ernest Kouassi

20140130-234854.jpgIt’s always a pleasure to share some of the most inspiring stories here on Effusive Creation and be able to inspire the young and the old through the success of others. Ernest Kouassi’s even inspired me to be able to change what l am doing now and focus on how to better myself aiming for the best through the work l do. Anything is possible and Ernest Kouassi is a living example of how you can better yourself, creating opportunities for yourself and becoming the best of the best.

Despite getting kicked out of school, college, and joining a gang at a young age, Ernest Kouassi is one of the most exciting young entrepreneurs in London and the founder of 5 businesses. He started the EKA group at the age of 17, now at the age of 19 the EKA group is a small multi award winning company and the umbrella of 4 different businesses which are expanding very fast. With so little time on his hand, he managed to launch He is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, global nominated, motivational speaker, educator and activist. His story is inspiring enough, yet he continues to actively inspire others by delivering high energy seminars that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily; his messages are both dynamic and inspiring.

Like so many of today’s youth, he found himself spiraling into a world where not many will make something of themselves. Several life experiences and a limited education threatened to derail him altogether, however after a few skirmishes with the law Ernest decided enough was enough. He finally had his moment of realization, calling upon all his moments of adversity as he embarked into the business world.

Ernest has gone through adversities and successes; possessing the experiences of an adult already. With Ernest, the sky is the limit; at 19 he has already achieved great things and there is no doubt there is much, much more to come.

“If they are not hiring or you can’t get a job then go out and create your own job or opportunity, don’t waste your time on people that gave up their dream stop you from achieving yours. Remember time waits for no one and the windows of opportunity close so fast”- Ernest Kouassi

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